Rodrigo Ballon

Mortgage Consultant

Tel: (858) 735-0255
NMLS ID: 272011

So you’re sick and tired of being promised the world only to be let down time and time again by your lender referral partners?

Sick of service providers not taking great care of your clients?

Are you sick of always being the one to give, give give, and feel like you never receive anything in return?

I’m Rodrigo Ballon of Cross Country Mortgage. I’ve been in business for 15 years and the only reason we are San Diego’s #1 mortgage lender is because we get shit done.

Real Estate Agents, do these situations sound familiar?

Your client is super excited about closing and just before you do the final walk through, your client calls you up in a panic complaining about newly found $3,987 in closing costs they didn’t know about!

Communication is a the key  to making you look like a rockstar and keeping your clients happy.  That’s why we believe in providing your client with everything they need 10 days prior to closing.  

Because we get shit done.

Another question, have you send your lender a lead, but they never follow up or touch base with them and tell you that nobody picked up the phone?

Our team will follow up endlessly with any leads or die trying.

Because we get shit done.

Or how about this one? Your client calls you up complaining about never being able to speak to anybody on the phone to get their questions answered because their lender only provides keyboard service.

We’re not an online automated lender as we like to communication the old fashion way.  IN person or at least on the phone. People want to be served not sold or processed.

Because we get shit done.

Your client calls you up and starts asking you questions on the loan process your lender should be answering.

That’s a big no no….  

We believe we should do our job and you should do yours.  We give each of your clients a crash course on mortgage lending giving them a full education on the process and everything to expect.

Because we get shit done.

Or how about this…

Closing is set and you are just about to high five your client, but then the phone rings and closing is delayed because one document was not signed in time so it will have to happen next week.

This one always makes me laugh because if your lender covers all the previous points I just spoke about, this won’t happen.

We get shit done.

We don’t just want your business, we want to help you create more of it for yourself which is why we go above and beyond just servicing your clients.  We proactively coach, train, and help our referral partners build their own brands and Attract business they didn’t know how to get beforehand.

Why? Because we get shit done!